Assembly Halls Case Study

We were recently commissioned to undertake an artificial grass project for a local nursery in West Wickham, the scope of the project was to create a usable low maintenance surface for the nursery’s play area, replacing the current worn out grass and mud. 

This project provided the perfect application for our Belgravia artificial grass, at 40mm in depth and with its incredibly dense pile, it creates a hard wearing, safe and low maintenance lawn.

The first step of this large project was to remove what remained of the existing natural lawn, this is undertaken with a Turf Cutter that cleanly cuts the grass away at the roots, allowing us to uplift and dispose of the old lawn, ready to be recycled. 

The area of ground was fairly undulating and uneven, to ensure excessive quantities of subbase weren’t installed, we re-levelled the existing earth to create a flatter and smooth surface. 

Once our solid base of earth was prepped, we installed 200 m2 of Core Geotextile landscaping membrane, this product is used, as it prevents any weeds from breaking through the sub-base from the soil below, whilst still providing a breathable and free draining base.

Whilst the membrane was being installed one of our team installed the stainless-steel core-edge edging around the existing flower beds, core-edge creates the perfect edging for artificial grass as its quick to install, is safe to use in a playground setting and is composed of coated stainless steel making it incredibly long lasting. 

At the end of day two, we found ourselves in a great position, with the old lawn removed, the membrane and edging installed, ready to begin importing our sub-base. 

A day later, with the 17 tonne of granite dust in position, we then began the process of levelling and compacting, the entire surface was levelled by hand to create the perfect bowling lawn flat surface. 

Onto this flat base then installed 200 m2 of Easigrass Belgravia, for such a large area we had to install the lawn with 3 joins running through it, this meant extra care had to be taken in the installation process to ensure these were both secure and barely visible.

We include as standard on all our artificial grass projects the installation of silica sand. For the Assembly Halls we installed 500 kg of fine Kiln Dried Silica. This is one of the most important aspects of the project, it prevents any air pockets from forming in the new lawn and keeps everything stable under foot. We use a power brush to work this into the surface of the grass, which continually keeps the pile upright over time and gives the grass an incredibly realistic appearance.

This project was completed on time over the period of one week, this meant it caused as minimal disturbance to the nursery as possible. 

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