Primary School Project, Kent

In the height of summer 2019 we were contracted to create a play area for a primary school in Kent. Our clients were after a product that would withstand the rigours of 300 school children running across each day, whilst looking incredibly fun and a little bit different. We had the perfect solution in our Easi Colour Artificial Grass Range.

The area in which we were installing the artificial grass needed to be raised by 13cm, requiring us to install over 20 tons of MOT and granite dust. From the offset access to the area was going to be a challenge, the base materials would need to be moved from the school’s car park to the playground at the rear.

To do this we used specialised lightweight dumpers to carefully move the materials over 350 metres of freshly laid tarmac.

Once our base was installed, we levelled it off using a fine rake and levelling bar to create our perfectly smooth, flat surface. This was then compacted with a compactor plate.

On any project it’s incredibly important that the base is free of any bumps and divots, and especially on this project as any unevenness could cause a huge trip hazard for the pupils. Once the area had been fully compacted, we were ready to install our 18mm shock pad. We always advise that a shock pad is used wherever children are going to be using the artificial lawn. In this instance the shock pad gave the pupils the perfect safety net when climbing up and around the central climbing frame.

Once our shock pad was in place, we installed over 100m2 of Easigrass Easi Colour. Unlike a domestic project where the grass is usually rolled out and joined in a straightforward fashion, this area consisted of three different coloured sections, and inner blue square, a yellow racetrack and an orange outer square.

Prior to installation we drew up a plan, which was used to ensure each section was cut to the correct measurements before being moved into place. Each section was then joined using joining tape to ensure a clean and seamless finish.

We completed this fantastic project within 5 days, and really enjoyed the challenge of working on something so different.

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